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Our Partners

Global Risk Governance Programme

As part of the Social Responsibility hub, the Global Risk Governance Programme cooperates with Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) in the programme ‘Environmental Entrepreneurs Support Initiative’. The programme is funded by the Mauerberger Foundation and supports young leaders, of exceptional ability, who are already realising outcomes that advance environmental sustainability and who are at a point in their careers where they will benefit from the support which will enhance their leadership capacities. BEEP has been working in partnership with the Global Risk Governance Programme for the past 10 years. www.grgp.uct.ac.za

Elethu ILifa Non-Profit Company (NPC)

Elethu ILifa (Our Legacy) is a brainchild and sister non-profit company of Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) and its ethos is centred on creating a system that reproduces future green entrepreneurs, green ambassadors, green young professionals, young researchers and visionary leaders. Elethu ILifa recruits members mainly from BEEP’s primary school program who are going to grade 8 and work with them through university and beyond. Elethu ILifa is a specialist incubation program which focuses on nurturing and developing BEEP junior members with their holistic personal development, like boosting their self-esteem, enhance their communication skills and reinforce their leadership development. Elethu ILifa also provides every BEEP member with a mentor. ELethu ILifa currently has over 35 students across South African universities and other tertiary institutions. www.elethuilifa.co.za

Hluma Research & Development Institute

Hluma Research Developmental Institute (HRDI) specialises on research related to social and environmental issues across Africa. HRDI is currently assisting with BEEP’s research and future projects. HRDI has partnered with BEEP intending to assist it to develop and produce young researchers and emerging scholars. BEEP’s current university students will be encouraged and supported by HRDI until they reach to masters level and beyond. The aim is to produce a pool of young researchers who would later form part of HRDI as emerging researchers. HRDI will produce and publish academic journals, articles and books. However, some of these produced materials ought to be written in the vernacular language of where the research was conducted. The copy of all the published materials will be made available on both websites of HRDI & BEEP. www.hrdi.co.za