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About BEEP

Our Missions Achieved

Our organization has been present for over 14 years in the market. We make the most of all the youth Involved.

Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) is an environmental organization conceived by the young people for the young people. The main aim of the organization is to educate the youth from the previously disadvantaged communities on environmental Issues whilst we simultaneously tackle some of the social issues they face in the Community.

Every weekend BEEP aims to provide 20 young lfrom different Primary Schools, High Schools and Community Organizations on two-day excursions on Table Mountain, making them aware of the beautiful natural environment that surrounds them whilst they learn about Environmental as well as Social Issues.

The objectives of BEEP’s two-day, experiential learning camps on Table Mountain are as follows:

To create access to the natural environment
To educate youth about water conservation, climate change, and global warming
To educate the young minds about the Scourge of Litter and their own obligations in this regard
To educate the youth about Nature Conservation and the Bio-diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom
To assist youth in starting Food Gardens in their schools and homes
To Explore and discuss challenging social issues and find practical ways to overcome them
To Empower the youth with personal development skills

BEEP Impact In Numbers

BEEP turns 15 years this year and the organization has won over 13 awards since its inception. To date, BEEP has exposed and Educated over 30789 young people on environmental issues on Table Mountain whilst they used the green spaces to improve their well-being.

Exposed to Nature

Impacted Schools

Impacted Visionary Leaders

Tertiary Students/Graduates

Table Mountain is a World Heritage Site, a National Monument, and beacon of hope. Ironically, 97 percent of the youth who reside near Table Mountain have never set foot there. We at BEEP feel that in order to accomplish our mission to educate township children about the environment, we needed to bring them to the mountain so that they could develop a sense of ownership and entitlement to their national heritage. In return it is hoped the children will bring the mountain back to their communities.

BEEP supports the National School’s Curriculum and have partnered with Wildlife Environmental Society of South Africa’s (WESSA) Eco-School. In so doing we strive towards improving environmental management by initiating practical projects and campaigns that strengthen environmental education in schools with whom we work.

Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) is a registered Non Profit Organisation with a registration no. 049-269-NPO and a Public Benefit Organization with a SARS registration no: 9300029442 under section 18A.