1 . BEEP Environmental Workshops

BEEP runs daily Interactive Environmental Workshops in 8 Primary schools, which serve as the follow-ups of the Table Mountain program. The environmental workshops are a curriculum based interactive environmental workshop that teaches Primary School pupils that would be part of BEEP on how they could care for their own environment in their respective communities.

2 . Food Security

There are a number of organisations in South Africa teaching people to grow their own food.  However, very few organisations combine this with teaching environmental awareness to youth in poor communities.  BEEP was founded in 2005 to help urban youth to (re)connect with nature and to raise awareness of the environment.  Our programs soon expanded to empower young people who participated in our environmental programs to grow food, and to promote food security in their communities through a school-based food

3 . Table Mountain Camps

BEEP helps children & young people from previously disadvantage Communities by reconnecting them back with nature. BEEP seek to use the engagement with nature as a way to open the youth's minds to alternative ways of living and to heighten their awareness of environmental problems in their communities.

4 . BEEP Mentorship Programs

BEEP select young leaders from grade 6 every year to become junior peer group leaders and work with them until they finish their grade 7 And once these young leaders move to high schools, they become BEEP junior mentors and official members of the organization. When they reach grade 10, these young leaders graduate to senior’ mentors and they would be assigned to mentor the junior mentors and the junior peer group leaders. BEEP currently has 40 young leaders in its Mentorship Program funded by Global Risk Governance Program under University of Cape Town. Our hope is to work with these young mentors until they reach University and beyond.