BEEP select young leaders from grade 6 every year to become junior peer group leaders and work with them until they finish their grade 7 And once these young leaders move to high schools, they become BEEP junior mentors and official members of the organization. When they reach grade 10, these young leaders graduate to senior’ mentors and they would be assigned to mentor the junior mentors and the junior peer group leaders. BEEP currently has 40 young leaders in its Mentorship Program funded by Global Risk Governance Program under University of Cape Town. Our hope is to work with these young mentors until they reach University and beyond.

BEEP’s Mentorship Program includes:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Tutoring and Literacy

Personal Development and Leadership Development are the core aspect of the Mentorship Program. BEEP works with its mentors for longer period of time as many of them join the program as participants in their respective Primary Schools and they basically grow within the organization. Many of them would be assigned to assist with the running of the BEEP School Interactive Workshops in their former Primary Schools and once they reach a level of readiness and become senior mentors, then they would be given an opportunity be in-charge of running the workshops.

The aim of the Literacy Program is to encourage our Mentors to read, to improve their vocabulary, improve their reading skills, vocabulary and subsequently improve their mother tongue as well as English.

It is BEEP’s prerogative to ensure that all its mentors are performing very well academically hence the inclusion of tutoring in the Mentorship Program. The tutoring program is taking place at BEEP’s offices on Saturday, however the priority for the tutoring is on grade 10, 11 and 12. BEEP mentors are all required to put in at least 2 hours of studying a day and we work closely with their parents to ensure that their children given are given enough hours to study at home.