BEEP runs daily Interactive Environmental Workshops in 8 Primary schools, which serve as the follow-ups of the Table Mountain program. The environmental workshops are a curriculum based interactive environmental workshop that teaches Primary School pupils that would be part of BEEP on how they could care for their own environment in their respective communities.

The senior mentors (which are pupils in grade 11 and 10) would be in-charge of the workshops whilst the junior mentors (pupils in Grade 9 and 8) would assists. The BEEP mentors run one workshop per week with over 40-70 pupils per school in eight schools. The Mentors cover topics such as Climate Change, Global Warming, Energy, Weather, Littering and Pollution, Water Saving, Food Gardens to mention but the few.

However, the workshops are not only about theory as the pupils are expected to run practical projects or campaign such a Clean Ups Campaign, Recycles, Water Saving Campaign as well setting organic Food Gardens in schools that would enough space.